02 October 2018

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The Bouwinvest Dutch Heathcare Fund has acquired a 130-unit modern residential care facility of 13,000 sqm in Kortenhoef, about 30 kms south of Amsterdam, near the Loosdrechtse lakes area, from care services provider the Innovum Foundation.

The apartments in the ‘Veenstaete’ building are rented out individually, with residents having access to Inovum’s services for both light and heavier care needs. Inovum will also lease-back a separate wing of the property where it offers intensive care. The complex houses first-line medical and other support facilities such as a blood sampling unit, a post office, pedicure and physiotherapy. These facilities are primarily for residents of the complex but are also available to residents in the neighbourhood.

Erwin Drenth, Director of Dutch Healthcare Investments at Bouwinvest, said: "Veenstaete is of the right scale to offer a good blend of individually rented care apartments, intramural care studios, primary care and welfare services. This is exactly the mix that Bouwinvest is seeking for investments in its Healthcare Fund portfolio." 

Dennis Roobeek, Operations Manager at Inovum said: “Bouwinvest is an acknowledged socially responsible investor and our partnership with them will ensure that the residents of Kortenhoef will receive a high level of service and access quality facilities for the future.” 

Inovum was advised by the Healthcare team of CBRE.