A network is essential to find appropriate investments. Bouwinvest works closely together with other organisations to strengthen its levels of expertise and to exert influence. We therefore invest in long-term partnerships with a wide variety of other bodies. These bodies include local authorities, developers, universities, lobby groups, network organisations, pension fund asset managers and local interest groups.

The alliances which we want to maintain take different forms. We often participate in congresses, seminars and workshops. We work together with our partners to get the issues we all consider important on the agendas of the relevant stakeholders. We share our knowledge, and our staff are actively involved in work groups or in management.

Our vision on partnerships
To us, partnerships mean being open to the ideas and insights of others. We listen, we put ourselves in the other’s shoes and, if relevant, we will downplay our own interests to that of the collective. Working together is about making compromises and concessions. In addition, we believe partnerships only really work when both sides are prepared to be open and to share knowledge, and support a long-term relationship. We see working together as investing in each other, and this is an investment we are willing to make. 

We actively stimulate our staff to become involved in community issues and we sponsor various initiatives. Of course, it has to be a win-win situation and both parties must benefit. Before we commit to sponsorship with a given body, we consider four criteria:

  • Does it involve a potential partner with specific knowledge?
  • Will it add value to our network?
  • Will it have an impact on our market profile?
  • Can we use the organisation’s own network or platform to get issues on the agenda?

We focus on the following issues when it comes to raising issues with national and local government:

Alliance partners
This is a selection of the bodies and organisations we work with:

  • ANREV - Asian Association for Investors in Non-listed Real Estate Vehicles
  • AORTA - Architectural centre
  • Arcam – Amsterdam architectural centre
  • AT5 – local television service in Amsterdam
  • DGBC – Dutch Green Building Council
  • FSC Nederland – Forest Stewardship Council
  • G4 – the big four Dutch cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht
  • GRESB - Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark
  • Holland Metropole – a lobby group based on Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven
  • INREV - The European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles
  • IVBN – Association of Institutional Real Estate Investors, Nederland
  • Platform 31 – independent network organisation focusing on city and regional issues
  • Platform Amsterdam Middenhuur and Platform Utrecht Middenhuur – affordable housing
  • Stichting Hoogbouw – foundation stimulating high rise
  • Stichting Homeplan – builds houses for lowest income households
  • Stichting Kennis Gebiedontwikkeling at TU Delft – urban planning chair
  • ULI - Urban Land Institute
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Nicolette Klein Bog
Head of Corporate Marketing & Communication


‘We want everyone involved in our partnerships to profit from them’

Nicolette Klein Bog Head of Corporate Marketing & Communication