Asia-Pacific Mandate (bpfBOUW)

Asia-Pacific Mandate
2020 / 2022
7.6 - 10.4
percent (%)
Portfolio size
€ 1.7
sustainable investments
gresb 4 of 5 star rating

Bouwinvest Asia Pacific has a broad spread of investments in strong, mature real estate markets. The fundamentals of the real estate market in the Asia Pacific region are solid and driven by strong economic growth, the rise of the middle class, and increased wealth and consumption. Urbanisation is in full swing and will continue to increase rapidly. Bouwinvest intends to expand this portfolio considerably in the coming years.

The Bouwinvest Asia Pacific Mandate
Bouwinvest manages three integrated international property mandates – in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe – on behalf of bpfBOUW, the Dutch construction industry’s pension fund.  To do this, we make the best possible use of the expertise and experience of our local partners, or ‘operators’. We invest in both listed and non-listed funds, joint ventures and club deals. Although most of our portfolio focuses on long-term investments, if the market demands it, we will sell part of our portfolio via our listed funds, to realise liquidity to invest elsewhere.

The Asia Pacific property market
The Asia Pacific market is both healthy and growing. The demand for high quality real estate continues to increase. The Asia Pacific portfolio invests in commercial real estate, as well as the rental market in Japan, and student housing in Australia. For this, we select locations which are easily accessible. 

Logistics also offers opportunities in the region. The is partly due to the growth in trade and online shopping, as well as the fact that the existing supply often fails to meet the needs of tenants.

The hotel sector also provides interesting opportunities due to the growth of tourism in the region. Healthcare, too, is a sector to consider. The populations of Japan, China and Australia are ageing and that offers opportunities for healthcare-related real estate. 

Promising long-term prospects
The long-term prospects for the Asia Pacific region are promising, with good economic forecasts, alongside the urbanisation trend and the rise of the middle class. In addition, Asia Pacific is an extremely large investment field, with significant diversity in both markets and sectors. We are able to compensate for weaker results in one region with the stronger returns in another, allowing us to generate generally solid returns.  Bouwinvest aims to expand its portfolio in the region to more than €1.45 billion by 2021.

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Tjarko Edzes
Director Asia-Pacific Investments

‘We invest with local partners via joint ventures, club deals and real estate funds, as well as in listed real estate.’

Tjarko Edzes Director Asia-Pacific Investments