The Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Healthcare Fund (bpfBOUW)

The Bouwinvest Dutch Healthcare Fund is an exclusive investment fund for the Dutch construction sector pension scheme bpfBOUW and embodies the pension fund’s financial and social targets. Investing in this sector provides good long-term prospects, both financial and social, because of the increasing demand for home and care solutions. Investing in healthcare also contributes to bpfBOUW portfolio diversity.


The Bouwinvest Dutch Healthcare Fund
As an institutional investor focusing on real estate, Bouwinvest also invests in healthcare-related property. We focus on three segments: assisted living facilities, intramural care and private medical care facilities for the elderly and mentally disabled. 
Assisted living is a segment which combines living with care and other welfare-related services. Intramural care are perminant care facilities for people with mental or physical disabilities. Private medical care  facilities are either private owned specialised clinics, or combined primary care facilities combining family doctors, physiotherapists and pharmacists. 

We believe these segments offer the best prospects for growth in the long term. There is a lack of suitable healthcare real estate in the Netherlands. The population is getting older and the government is encouraging elderly people to live independently as long as possible, creating further demand. We are working closely with local authorities, housing corporations and project developers to speed up the production of suitable healthcare real estate.

Healthcare property is a growth market
We believe the demand for healthcare property will only increase, which makes it a growth market offering attractive returns. In addition, healthcare offers an interesting opportunity to diversify a portfolio. Healthcare-related property also fits the growing need for impact investing – in this case, investments which make a direct contribution to improving care services for the elderly and the handicapped.

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Erwin Drenth
Director Dutch Healthcare Investments
+31 (0)6 51367050

‘We are continually tracking down the best long-term opportunities.’

Erwin Drenth Director Dutch Healthcare Investments