20 December 2023

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The Bouwinvest Healthcare Fund has acquired the JFK healthcare project in Apeldoorn from developer Explorius Vastgoedontwikkeling and construction firm Nijhuis Bouw. The project involves the transformation of a former tax office into a sustainable residential complex with three care functions: 39 (care-related) homes, a residential care complex with 41 private residential care units, plus a residential care complex with 20 care units offering disabled care.

The residential care complexes will be rented by Driesprang, part of Estea Zorg, and by 's Heeren Loo Zorggroep. The combination of three care functions in one building is exceptional, and is based on the principle that the various functions complement each other. The tenants of the (care-related) homes can make use of both the home care services and the collective spaces of the private residential care complex. More intensive care can be provided in the (care-related) homes.

Christian Schouten, Head of Dutch Transaction Management, says: “There is a growing shortage of suitable housing for seniors with and without care needs. We are therefore proud that Bouwinvest, acting on behalf of its investors, will make more than € 300 million in acquisitions this year, with the vast majority of this in healthcare-related real estate. With this project, we are making a difference by focusing on sustainability, transformation and ensuring good retirement benefits.”

The former government tax office, built in 1963, was granted municipal listed status in 2010. The tax office was the first government department to relocate to Apeldoorn from The Hague. This made Apeldoorn the country’s so-called ‘second desk’.

Sjoerd Dijs, developer at Explorius, says: “When developing the new function and building plans, we had to preserve the listed character of the building. This essentially meant that we were not allowed to change the façade at all. So it was quite a puzzle to reconcile this premise with the many wishes of both tenants, as well as those of Bouwinvest and our own ambitions on the circularity and sustainability fronts. We are very proud of the result. Not only because it has removed the threat to this listed building of vacancy and decay, but also because the project provides a great deal of additional housing for people with care needs in Apeldoorn.”

Based on the circularity concept, the existing shell, facade elements and roof insulation will be reused on site as much as possible. Remarkably, the listed complex will have a high sustainability score once the transformation is complete (GPR average of 8.3 and a BENG 2 score of 0). This is a considerably higher sustainability level than the legal requirements for nearly zero-energy buildings (BENG).