The Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Residential Fund

Total Fund Return
Assets Under Management
€ 6.1
billion (HY2019)
Secured Pipeline
€ 843
million (HY2019)

The Bouwinvest Dutch Residential Fund focuses on mid-market housing in the non-rent controlled sector. Almost 70% of the portfolio consists of property with a rent of between €710 and €1,000 per month. We believe that there will always be a demand for property in this price range, allowing investors to count on stable returns. The fund is only open to institutional investors.

The Bouwinvest Dutch Residential Fund
The Bouwinvest Dutch Residential Fund invests in Dutch regions with strong local economies, primarily in the urban central belt encompassing the four biggest Dutch cities, as well as cities in Brabant, plus Arnhem and Nijmegen. We invest in both inner cities and green suburbs. The Residential Fund has more than 22,000 homes under management and in the pipeline.

The demand for non-rent controlled property is growing
The urbanisation trend is continuing and in some places supply and demand are out of sync. Demand is growing for property which falls outside the income-dependent rent-controlled sector because the cost of home ownership has gone up and because some people opt to rent, for whatever reason. The demand for affordable non-rent-controlled housing is rising rapidly, particularly in the mid-market sector. 

We invest in inclusive areas
Our Residential Fund is helping find solutions to the demand for mid-market housing by investing in family homes and housing focused on young professionals and new entrants to the housing market. We concentrate on housing in livable, affordable and inclusive cities, places where people will continue to want to live, work and spend time. These sorts of investments keep their value and offer long-term stable returns and thus meet the needs of both society and our clients. 

We have a high occupancy ratio
We work together closely with developers, local government and housing corporations and this has enabled us to add a number of high-value projects to our portfolio. Our alliances also allow us to develop tenant profiles to cover different lifestyles, so we know who our tenants are, where they come from and what sort of home they want to live in. This has resulted in one of the highest occupancy rates in the non-rent controlled sector. By focusing our marketing on particular groups and working together with local estate agents and property managers, we are almost always able to fill our buildings as soon as they come on the market. 

Demand for sustainable housing is rising
As a long-term investor, we strive to ensure our buildings keep their value. We build our homes in a sustainable way because we are convinced a sustainable building has more value. It is a win-win situation because our real estate remains an attractive investment and we are contributing toward a more sustainable society. 

Sustainability certificate
In 2018, the Residential Fund was awarded the four star GRESB sustainability certificate, one of the highest on the GRESB scale. GRESB is an independent, scientific benchmark that monitors the sustainability strategy of property funds worldwide.

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Director Dutch Residential Investments
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Client Manager
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