06 March 2024

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The Bouwinvest Residential Fund has completed two sales transactions, selling a total of 173 homes. Daelmans B.V. has acquired 121 houses in De Tjalk neighbourhood in Lelystad, while MHM Onroerend Goed B.V. has acquired 52 houses in the Middenhoven neighbourhood in Amstelveen.

The Bouwinvest Residential Fund sold the homes to optimise the fund’s portfolio and its performance. Following the sale, the fund has met it strategic divestment target. Christian Schouten, Head of Dutch Transaction Management at Bouwinvest, says: “For active portfolio management, it is essential to find the right timing for acquisitions, but certainly also for divestments. This sale shows that, even under current market conditions, the fund is able to generate liquidity for its investors.”

Daniëlle Schoonbrood, Investment Director, explains the reasoning behind the acquisition on behalf of Daelmans Vastgoed: “We are proud to announce the purchase of 121 homes in Lelystad, the vast majority with an energy label A, as part of our future-proof investment strategy. This investment underlines our promotion of ‘green’ and energy-efficient living, while we are also contributing to more sustainable living environments.”

Capital Value and NewGround Law assisted the Bouwinvest Residential Fund in the sales process.