The Bouwinvest Office fund focuses on future-proof office accommodation in which flexibility and sustainability have a central role. We invest in inspiring places where people want to work and socialise. The success of our strategy shows that it is possible to generate healthy returns in a competitive market – a market in which demand for good quality offices is plentiful but in which there is little supply. In addition, the Netherlands is regarded as a stable location for international companies and the unemployment rate is at a 12-year low. This too contributes to the fund’s positive perspectives and high returns.

The Office Fund takes a long-term approach to investment, with a growth strategy based on sustainability, the G4 cities and multi-tenancies.

Meet Central Park - Utrecht

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‘We want to make the working environment as attractive and as durable as possible for users.’

Bas Jochims Vk Bas Jochims Fund Manager Dutch Office & Hotel Investments

The Office Fund invests in sustainable new-build and in making our current portfolio more durable. In this way our property remains an attractive investment while contributing to the need to develop a more sustainable society in general.

Sustainability within the working environment is high priority for an increasing number of tenants because it contributes to their own sustainability targets. We listen to our tenants and we help them to think about their future office needs.

We aim to ensure our portfolio is almost entirely energy neutral by 2045. In recognition of our efforts, in 2022 the fund was awarded a five-star GRESB sustainability certificate, which places it in the top 20% of the best performing real estate funds in the world.

G4 cities
The Office Fund mainly invests (at least 80%) in inner city areas in the four big Dutch cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Offices in these cities are most likely to provide stable returns because they maintain their value long term. Our offices are located in attractive and inclusive mixed use areas - the places where people will want to live, work and socialise in the future. This strategy means we can combine the interests of society with the financial interests of our clients.

The Office Fund is primarily comprised of multi-tenant buildings occupied by a variety of tenants with leases of varying lengths, which reduces the risk that a property will be left empty. We also stimulate interaction between our tenants by offering on and off-site facilities such as shops, cafes, restaurants, childcare services and other meeting places. This in turn boosts the attractiveness of the properties and creates a pleasant atmosphere in which to work.


On 10 March 2021, the Regulation on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (hereinafter: SFDR) came into force. The aim of the SFDR is to create more harmonisation in the sustainability-related disclosures that investment managers provide their clients and to make it easier to compare the financial products in terms of their sustainability. 

Bouwinvest qualifies its products as light green, promoting ecological and social characteristics.

The Level 2 requirements of SFDR are applicable since the beginning of 2023. In addition to the generic statements, Level 2 requires statements on the level of financial products. In accordance with the SFDR requirements, all Bouwinvest funds are classified. The Dutch Office Fund classifies as article 8 fund under SFDR and promotes ecological and social characteristics.

The product specific statements are included in the Information Memorandum and the annual report of the fund. In addition to these statements, the attached document provides the required information about the Dutch Office Fund. Further information on SFDR and all statements can be found on the SFDR page.