The Bouwinvest Dutch Hotel Fund is an investment fund set up for the Dutch construction sector pension scheme bpfBOUW, although other pension funds may be able to participate in the future. Hotels are an interesting niche-investment category which generates attractive returns.

The Bouwinvest Dutch Hotel Fund
As an institutional investor focused on property, Bouwinvest also invests in hotels. The Dutch Hotel Fund is diversified into sectors such as hostels, lifestyle hotels and extended stay, where both business and private travellers feel at home. These hotels are strategically located in the ‘Big Four’ Dutch cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. The Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, is becoming an increasingly popular tourist location and demand for hotel rooms shows continued growth.

Solid returns
Investors in hotels can count on good, solid, long-term returns. After all, the hotel sector focuses on long-term contracts and most operators have a strong relationship with the building where their hotels are located. Investors are very well aware of the opportunities that hotel property offers and this is driving up prices even more, particularly in cities where the number of overnight stays is rising. 

Leasing to international chains
Bouwinvest delivers the buildings but does not manage the hotels themselves. We lease our hotels, preferably to large, international chains. Hotel groups that have proven successful both increase the value of our property and have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to make the hotel a success.

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Bas Jochims
Director Dutch Office & Hotel Investments

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‘We aim for long-term lease contracts with a single partner that stands out from the crowd,’

Bas Jochims Director Dutch Office & Hotel Investments