Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors B.V. is specialised in managing real estate portfolios for institutional investors. Bouwinvest strives to achieve sustainable returns on behalf of its pension fund clients. We manage €15.2 billion (YE 2023) in assets within five Dutch property sector funds and three international real estate investment mandates in Europe, North-America and Asia-Pacific.

With nearly 75 years of experience and a heritage rooted in pension funds and the construction industry, we understand the needs of long-term institutional investors and the dynamics of the domestic and international real estate investment markets. Bouwinvest has an experienced team of 200 investment professionals.

Large and small
Our organization is large and small at the same time. Bouwinvest’s workforce totals just 200 professionals.. This means we are big enough to make a difference in the markets in which we operate but small enough to know our clients personally.

We have more than 70 years experience of investing in real estate. For decades, we have closely followed both Dutch and international pension and real estate trends. Our knowledge of markets (at a macro and micro level), our thorough research, and our extensive data analyses provide us with a clear view of the future. We know where the best investments are likely to be, and we know how to keep assets, neighbourhoods, cities and metropolitan regions attractive – enabling us to realise the long-term returns we have promised our clients.

Solid returns
We spread our investments over different countries, sectors and operators so we can offer our clients a stable, inflation-resistant pension. Rental income from our vast real estate portfolio is a key part of this, as is making sure our tenants are happy. In addition, we work to boost the value of our portfolio by buying and selling assets, boosting sustainability and renovating older buildings.

Social responsibility and the long-term view
Bouwinvest takes a long-term view of its investments and is, therefore, a socially responsible investor. We invest in liveable, inclusive and sustainable cities and regions – places where people want to live and work, both now and in the future. This enables us to realise long-term stable investments for our clients – pension funds and insurance companies – so that they can continue paying their clients their pensions. This long-term vision has made us what we are today – one of the Netherlands’ largest property investment managers.

Trustworthy partner
Bouwinvest is a trustworthy partner with a long-term approach, which spreads risks, has good insight, thinks together with stakeholders and takes carefully-considered investment decisions. We invest in solid partnerships with a wide variety of organisations: from local government and interest groups to property developers and pension fund managers. We believe that everyone involved benefits from such an approach. And we are the only player in the Netherlands that can offer our clients an international option, a choice of investment opportunities, and a single fund structure. This means our teams do not compete with each other and that each asset belongs exclusively to a single fund.

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Enhancing pension benefits in a responsable way

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‘Our focus is on quality in the long term’

Mark Siezen Vk Mark Siezen Chief Executive Officer (statutory)