The Bouwinvest data warehouse


Before we make a strategic investment, we carry out extensive research because stable returns require well-considered decisions. We need to understand current markets and to be able to make accurate forecasts about the future. Therefore, every Bouwinvest investment decision is only made after extensive research. 

Research department
Bouwinvest has its own professional research department and our research staff have an enormous amount of expertise in the Dutch and international real estate markets. Our specialists follow local and global trends in the pension and real estate sectors closely, carry out their own far-reaching research, and perform extensive data analyses at both a macro and a micro level. They provide our organisation with the independent and objective reports that form the basis of every strategic and tactical investment decision we take.

Market and price recommendations
Our research specialists advise us on every investment decision, whether relating to the local, regional, Dutch or international real estate markets. They provide thoughtful insights into price developments and risks and are a key part of the way we formulate our investment strategy, draw up proposals for clients, and put together tenders for project developers. 

Data is king
Our research specialists make intensive use of vast quantities of data, both protected and open source, and carry out qualitative and quantitative analyses. The Bouwinvest Global Market Monitor, which we developed in-house, is a key tool in this. The monitor provides insight into the fundamentals of a market and the position the market occupies in the investment cycle. The Research & Strategic Advisory department is also working on developing a data warehouse for predictive analyses.

Trends: urbanisation, technology, sustainability and demographics
Our research specialists provide us with insight into the most important trends in real estate investment. We know, for example, that urbanisation will drive up the demand for healthy, liveable and inclusive cities. We can see how technological advances are influencing both real estate and its users, as well as sustainability demands and demographic changes on real estate development. Our researchers know how to combine specific local real estate knowledge with broader developments, allowing us to keep a close eye on developments and select the best performing assets.

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Jeroen Beimer
Head of Research & Strategic Advisory

‘We combine information from our own portfolios with external market data to develop unique insights.’

Jeroen Beimer Vk Jeroen Beimer Head of Research & Strategic Advisory