Bouwinvest makes investments in real estate on behalf of institutional investors. We do this with a clear long-term vision. To make sure our investments continue to retain and increase their value now and in the future, we invest in the real estate that society wants and needs. Our real estate investment management helps to create sustainable, liveable and accessible cities and enhances pension benefits. This is how we create Real value for life.

We manage a diversified portfolio of three international mandates and five Dutch sector funds. We manage invested capital of EUR 15.1 billion (HY 2023). For more information on investing in our funds, please contact one of our client managers. If you are already an investor in one or more of Bouwinvest’s funds, you can also access the investor portal.

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On 10 March 2021, the Regulation on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (hereinafter: SFDR) comes into force. The aim of the SFDR is to create more harmonisation in the sustainability-related disclosures that investment managers provide their clients and to make it easier to compare the financial products in terms of their sustainability. The SFDR requires that every financial product be classified.
Bouwinvest qualifies its products as light green, promoting ecological and social characteristics.

Onze client managers

Jaap Landkroon
Director Institutional Clients
George Theuvenet
Business Development Director