13 July 2023

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The Bouwinvest Healthcare Fund has purchased a residential care complex in Dalfsen. The fund acquired the as-yet unbuilt complex from project developer Kuiper Ontwikkeling. The complex will consist of 80 care homes, where more intensive care will be provided by the Rosengaerde residential care centre.

The new-build project is located in the Oosterdalfsen district, not far from the village centre of Dalfsen and 10 kilometres from Zwolle. The new building will meet above-average sustainability standards. This means it will be close to energy-neutral and will therefore meet the fund’s target of being Paris Proof by 2045.

Rosengaerde will operate the building. The care provider is known in Dalfsen and the surrounding area for its expertise in and dedication to providing care to seniors. Rosengaerde director Margot Seip is delighted with the sale: “Because Bouwinvest has assumed responsibility for the property investments and risks, we can now fully focus on our core task: providing high-quality care.”

Ramon Derksen, developer at Kuiper Ontwikkeling: “We took on the initiative and development together with Rosengaerde and now, with Bouwinvest, we are taking a concrete step towards future-proof care for the elderly in Dalfsen. I am pleased that for this wonderful project we have managed to bring together outstanding parties who share the same vision and feeling when it comes to elderly care.”

The Bouwinvest Healthcare Fund has a growth strategy and - in addition to assisted living and care centres - focuses on inpatient care facilities. Helma Spuls, Director Dutch Healthcare Investments, explains: “The fund’s acquisition policy includes a focus on intramural elderly care facilities, because this form of care is badly needed and at the same time has become scarce. The central government is putting the emphasis on the self-reliance of seniors, encouraging them to continue living independently rather than moving to a care home. That has led to a limited expansion of inpatient care facilities. This made acquiring this project an excellent opportunity for the fund.”