25 June 2024

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Bouwinvest has published the Asia-Pacific Living Outlook 2024-2026. This paper provides an overview of the dynamics within the Asian housing markets up to 2026.

Key topics covered in the report include:

  • Demographic and economic trends: The region is home to two-thirds of the world's population and accounts for half of the global GDP. With a growing middle class and characteristics such as urbanization, aging populations, and an increase in single-person households, the housing market in Asia mirrors many of the trends seen elsewhere in the world.

  • Investment opportunities in diverse housing segments: There is a growing demand for investments in various housing segments, including traditional apartments, student housing, and senior housing. This diversification offers attractive opportunities for future growth and returns.

  • Focus on also other countries: In addition to the housing markets in Japan and Australia, investor interest is increasing in developed countries such as South Korea, New Zealand, and Singapore. These markets present new investment opportunities due to their unique market dynamics and economic potential.

  • Affordable housing: Affordability remains a critical issue in Asian housing markets. The demand for affordable rental housing is rising, indicating a persistent need in the region.

The Asia-Pacific Living Outlook 2024-2026 provides valuable insights and analyses that are essential for anyone interested in the developments and investment opportunities within the Asian housing markets. Read the full report, click here.