07 December 2022

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Bouwinvest has appointed Maya Savelkoul as Director Dutch Impact Investments to oversee the launch of the Bouwinvest Community Impact Fund. The Fund’s main goal is to create sustainable real estate that also has a positive social impact by improving community well-being, for example through affordable, suitable, and healthy (care)homes and public amenities.

Maya has already made a mark in the field of sustainability and social responsibility in recent years. After joining Bouwinvest in 2021, she managed the company’s Paris-Proof programme to ensure that all the assets in the Dutch funds are energy-neutral and solely reliant on renewable sources by 2045, five years earlier than agreed under the Paris Accord. Bouwinvest works with roadmaps which outline how and when each building can achieve that goal. These roadmaps have now become embedded in the fund management and Maya will focus on setting up the Bouwinvest Community Impact Fund in her new position.

Prior to joining Bouwinvest, Maya was Director of Real Estate at the Dutch asylum seekers organisation COA where she was responsible for real estate transactions and agreements between municipalities and other organisations. During her tenure at COA, she was also responsible for implementing a sustainability programme for the real estate portfolio. In addition, she has worked as a consultant for Dutch advisory firm Twynstra Gudde where she advised on the transition to renewable energy sources in the Netherlands and area development for local governments.

Mark Siezen, CEO at Bouwinvest: “The social and financial gap in our country is clearly widening due to a shortage of affordable housing and restricted access to social services. Our Dutch Community Impact Fund aims to work with institutional investors, including Dutch pension funds, who are interested in teaming up with us to find solutions. Thanks to her social awareness and real estate expertise, Maya is the perfect person for the job.”