26 October 2021

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Bouwinvest’s Dutch Healthcare Fund has acquired 76 residential units for seniors in the Elzenhof housing complex in Hillegom to the west of Amsterdam from area developer AM. The apartments target the mid-range rental segment where prices range from €710 to roughly €1,000 per month in line with an agreement concluded with the local municipality. The Elzenhof provides independent accommodation for seniors with or without care requirements. Any care that may be needed is available on demand.

Project Elzenhof is part of the Elsbroek-Zuid residential care zone in the south of Hillegom, a neighbourhood inhabited by a mix of young and old, families and singles, and people with or without care requirements. The public spaces are virtually barrier-free so that residents who need to use a walking frame or wheelchair can move around freely. The Elzenhof is located next to the Bloemswaard residential care centre where the Hozo healthcare foundation provides intramural care. Bouwinvest’s Dutch Healthcare Fund has signed a cooperation agreement with Stichting Hozo giving its residents access to the care and support of the care complex 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Homes for seniors are in great demand throughout the Netherlands, according to Erwin Drenth, Director Dutch Healthcare Investments at Bouwinvest: "Demand for suitable housing for seniors with or without care requirements will increase in the coming years in many municipalities around the country. In Hillegom, we expect the number of households with people aged over 65 to rise by 89% between now and 2040. More projects like the Elzenhof are urgently needed if we are to continue providing this group with the type of accommodation that meets their requirements.”

Peter Heuvelink, Director AM Noordwest, added: "AM is committed to area development and takes the rapidly expanding social task of providing suitable homes for senior citizens very seriously. This group is very diverse and includes people with very specific housing and care requirements, depending on their stage of life. AM is actively responding to this need, for example by developing residential care apartments like those in the Elzenhof complex under the banner of our 'Lets Live' residential concept - a new-style care home that offers affordable and well-maintained accommodation for people who need round-the-clock care, services and monitoring.”