16 November 2020

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In a three-part webinar held by ANREV, the Asian Association of Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles, Marleen Bosma, Head of Research & Strategic Advisory, explains how Bouwinvest has incorporated data analytics into our organisation. During the sessions, Marleen describes the thinking behind our data analytics strategy, how the data warehouse functions and how it is being used in decision making.

In the first webinar, Marleen discusses how Bouwinvest’s data analytics strategy evolved and which strategic decisions have been taken since it was created. The other webinars will take place on 3 November and 1 December 2020. If you would like to join the next sessions, please go to the ANREV website to register.

If you missed the first part of the webinar, you can view it here:

In the second session of a three-part webinar held by ANREV, Marleen Bosma and Jeroen discuss how data analytics can be implemented throughout an organisation. They zoom in on how to build a data team, how to position it within the organisation and how to implement processes. Together they take you through the steps Bouwinvest took to set up its own data analytics strategy. Watch the second part of the webinar via the YouTube link below: