16 May 2024

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The share of living investments is set to grow significantly in institutional real estate portfolios. Not only traditional multifamily housing, but also upcoming subsectors like Purpose-Built Student Accommodation and senior housing are becoming highly sought after living investments. We foresee an attractive entry moment ahead, as more European markets reach a trough in capital values.

Although the level of maturity and housing market structure differs between countries, the overall trend is that significantly more rental housing is needed, especially in the heavily undersupplied affordable housing segment.  

While looking at the occupier market, macro-economic environment and investor market, we discuss key topics like migration, climate change and climate adaptation, regulatory change and social impact. We believe that institutional investors with strong ESG ambitions and a long-term investment horizon are in a position to tackle these challenges and support future housing demand.

In this Outlook, Bouwinvest discusses these developments with a specific focus on European living markets, each with its own characteristics, opportunities and challenges. You can read the full Outlook here.

We hope you find this informative. If you would like more information, please contact Jeroen Beimer, Head of Research at Bouwinvest.