22 January 2019

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The Bouwinvest Healthcare Fund has acquired care apartments development ‘De Lawet’ in Wageningen, 80 km southeast of Amsterdam, from developer Park Duivendaal BV, a partnership between Provascon Investments and Van der Leij vastgoed groep. 

De Lawet is being developed within the listed former Duivendaal research laboratory designed by architect Cornelis Peters and constructed in 1914 for Wageningen University, renowned globally for its food and agricultural research. The building will house an intramural healthcare complex with 37 residential units and common spaces for communal activities.

Erwin Drenth, Director Bouwinvest Dutch Healthcare Investments, said: “The De Lawet acquisition is a good match for the Bouwinvest Healthcare Fund’s strategy of investing in high quality residential-healthcare assets in the private mid-tier segment of the market. We see very strong demand growth for these types of properties due to the increasing age profile of the Dutch population and the rising number of people needing to plan for private residential healthcare in later life.”

Healthcare organisation Vandaegh Nederland, part of the Blueprint Group, will lease and manage De Lawet and provide psycho-geriatric services for people in need of permanent care.