24 September 2019

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The Bouwinvest Healthcare Fund has purchased a healthcare residence that comprises of 62 studios in Zoetermeer (east of The Hague) from Dutch construction firm Dura Vermeer. Comprising a total of approximately 3,400 sqm, the complex will be leased to healthcare operator Cardia for dementia patients and comprises facilities completely in line with their needs.

The new healthcare building is being developed by Dura Vermeer Bouw Zuid West on the Zenobiagang in the Rokkeveen district. This neighbourhood was built in the 1980s and has around 20,000 inhabitants, including a relatively large proportion of people aged between 65 and 75. The building will be located near the Rokkeveen shopping centre, next to a health centre and around the corner of the local park.

The acquisition is an excellent fit with Bouwinvest Healthcare Fund’s ambitions to expand further in the intramural segment. With an average GPR sustainability score of 7.5, and 8.3 for the "Health" component, it fits in seamlessly with the goal to invest in sustainable and strong healthcare accommodation.

Erwin Drenth, Director Dutch Healthcare Investments at Bouwinvest, said: “We are pleased to include this building for Cardia in our portfolio. Given the growing demand for accommodation for seniors and people in need of care in Zoetermeer, this building meets a great need for suitable homes.”

The development of the healthcare complex marks the first joint project between Bouwinvest Healthcare Fund and Dura Vermeer. The successful alliance is the first of a number and new projects are already in the pipeline, Dick Boelen, Director at Dura Vermeer, confirmed. “Our collaboration on the Cardia Duinrust location has also been very constructive. It is a good example of a co-creation project that takes into account different interests, demands and user groups."

Henriëtte Bertels, Director of Cardia, said: “This location offers unique opportunities to provide modern nursing home care. We offer personal care based on the (Christian) vision that every person is unique and valued. It’s all about ‘a personal approach’ for us. The building’s design is based on this vision. Another key starting point has been a pleasant working environment for employees and volunteers. It was inspiring to work on this project with Bouwinvest and Dura Vermeer, under the expert guidance of BBN. We look forward to the successful development of the building!”