21 November 2023

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The Bouwinvest Retail Fund has acquired the De Groote Wielen shopping centre project in Rosmalen from Rialto Rosmalen B.V. The district shopping centre is the new centre located in the De Groote Wielen district and has a total surface area of approximately 8,000 m2, 4.500 m2 of which is zoned for supermarkets Albert Heijn and Plus. 

The shopping centre also houses various other functions, including catering establishments, a bicycle shop and healthcare functions such as a pharmacy, a GP, dentist and physiotherapy practice.


The project is expected to score high for the energy label, is gas-free and about 150 PV panels will be installed to provide power to the commercial areas. In addition, the three building blocks will have green roofs, while one of the buildings will come complete with an eco tower. This tower will be 26 metres high, made of a timber construction, and will provide space for various flora and fauna. This will contribute to the sustainable character of the district centre. The rental agreements include declarations of intent (Green Lease), in which both parties state their commitment to make efforts to ensure sustainable use and enable further sustainability.

The final section of the centre is scheduled for completion in March 2024.


Christian Schouten, Head of Dutch Transaction Management at Bouwinvest, stresses the importance of this investment: “We have an ongoing assignment to invest in residential, healthcare, retail, offices and hotel real estate. On the retail front, we are looking with particular interest at district shopping centres with supermarkets for daily groceries. These types of projects deliver a very stable performance in the long term.” The acquisition is fully in line with the Retail Fund’s strategic pillars - quality, future-proof, sustainability - and will make a positive contribution to all these pillars.

About the Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Retail Fund

The Bouwinvest Retail Fund has a clear focus on the Dutch retail market and invests the capital of institutional investors for the long term. The fund focuses on the best shopping cities and busiest shopping streets (Experience) and district and neighbourhood shopping centres for daily shopping (Convenience). With a five-star rating in the Global Real Estate Benchmark (GRESB), on the sustainability front the fund has been among the top 20 per cent of the best-performing real estate funds worldwide for many years.

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