31 October 2022

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Bouwinvest has appointed Marleen Bosma as its new Chief Client Officer (CCO) effective 1 November. In this position, she will be responsible for investor services and the growth of entrusted capital. Marleen will lead the client and business diversification strategy and further shape Bouwinvest as a multi-client investment manager.

Marleen Bosma consequently joins the Bouwinvest Executive Board of Directors. The composition of the board will then be as follows:

Mark Siezen, Chief Executive Officer

Rianne Vedder, Chief Financial & Risk Officer

Stephen Tross, Chief Investment Officer International Investments

Allard van Spaandonk, Chief Investment Officer Dutch Investments

Marleen Bosma, Chief Client Officer

Marleen has worked at Bouwinvest since 2016, until early 2022 as Head of Research and Strategic Advisory. In early 2022, she was made responsible for Business Development, part of the Client Management department. Before joining Bouwinvest, Marleen was jointly responsible for international listed and private real estate investments at Blue Sky Group. Prior to that, she worked in various positions at Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance, the Phillips Pension Fund and FGH Bank.

Mark Siezen, Bouwinvest CEO: "I am delighted that Marleen will take up her position as Chief Client Officer from 1 November 2022. Her knowledge of and experience in real estate investment, portfolio management, strategy and investor relations make her the right person to safeguard the interests of our clients within the board. She can continue to shape the course set in line with the Strategic Plan and carry on with the process I started in November 2020."