12 September 2022

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Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors has appointed Helma Spuls as Director of Dutch Healthcare Investments with effect from October 1 2022. Spuls previously worked as Manager Asset Management at Bouwinvest’s Dutch Residential Fund. She succeeds Erwin Drenth.

Spuls will head the Bouwinvest Healthcare Fund which invests in senior housing and healthcare real estate on behalf of bpfBOUW, the pension fund for the Dutch construction sector. The Fund has a focus on three strategic pillars - growth, social returns and sustainability – and manages approximately €500 million (HY 2022). It aims to grow to approximately €900 million by 2025.

Allard van Spaandonk, Chief Investment Officer Dutch Investments: "Demographics don’t lie and it has been evident for years that there is a serious shortage of suitable housing for seniors. Erwin took the Healthcare Fund to a high level and has laid the foundation for further growth and diversification. Helma’s long track record within Bouwinvest means she is well positioned to continue building on our heathcare strategy."

Helma Spuls, Director Dutch Healthcare Investments: "I look forward to working with municipalities, healthcare institutions, developers and, of course, the Bouwinvest team to provide  more suitable, life-cycle proof housing for seniors. Bouwinvest plays a key role within the sector thanks to our knowledge, network, and pension fund capital. I believe we need to focus primarily on housing that addresses the varied and changing demands and needs of our ageing population. That means a regular home with some additional services for some and a full-service concept for others who are no longer able to live independently. In the past there was a clear split between institutionalized care and everything else but increasingly different forms of senior housing are now merging together. It's not so black-and-white anymore.”