16 December 2021

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In the latest issue of the Financial Investigator magazine, Marleen Bosma-Verhaegh, Head of Research & Strategic Advisory at Bouwinvest, shares her views on a  number relevant developments and opportunities in the residential, office and retail real estate markets. For instance, she addresses the lack of balance in the residential market, the need for a green environment and the ever-growing trend of online shopping. But she also talks about how she believes bricks and mortar shops will remain essential for brand experience, plus how offices will increasingly function more as meeting places and the stimulus for creativity. You can read the article here.

To achieve optimum financial and social returns, institutional investors need to make well-informed investment decisions. It is essential to know the current markets inside out, not to mention what these markets will look like in the future. Bouwinvest has its own research department that combines information from its own portfolio with external market data. This results in unique insights, which Bouwinvest shares each year in its Market Outlook. You will more information on real estate markets in 2022 – 2024 in our Market Outlook