28 October 2021

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Bouwinvest and Dura Vermeer have signed a purchase agreement for 30 new single-family homes in the mid-range and free rental sectors in the Tudorpark estate in Hoofddorp, a town to the west of Amsterdam. Upon completion, the properties will be added to Bouwinvest’s Dutch Residential Fund which already owns 196 homes in Tudorpark.

The 30 four-room, single-family homes are being built in the Old English Tudor style, with sloping roofs, flat tiles, paned windows and characteristic chimneys. The dwellings are energy neutral, use alternative energy sources to gas thanks to individual heat pumps, floor heating and solar panels. Two-thirds of the units are in the mid-range segment where maximum rental levels are capped at €950 (as of 2021).

The Tudorpark estate is located to the south of Hoofddorp, which is part of the Haarlemmermeer municipality where Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is situated. The typical English architectural style of the homes in this neighbourhood extends to a green, park-like environment. Tudorpark is a quiet place to live but also has good access to key amenities such as schools, restaurants and recreational facilities, all within cycling distance. Tudorpark is also easily accessible by car or public transport.

Michiel de Bruine, Director Residential Investments at Bouwinvest: “Haarlemmermeer is one of the core regions of Bouwinvest's overall growth strategy. Demand for housing is expected to remain strong there in the coming years and Tudor Park is a very popular residential estate. That explains why Bouwinvest is keen to expand its residential portfolio there.”

Completion of the new homes is scheduled for the end of 2022.