19 June 2020

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On Friday 19 June, Bouwinvest was one of almost 250 companies to sign the accord 'Dutch businesses endorse sustainability in COVID-19 recovery', pledging to take immediate action on sustainability despite the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. The members of the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition were joined by a broad group of companies and the Dutch government is also expected to play an important role.

Bouwinvest CEO Dick van Hal said: “As a long-term investor, you need to look beyond the coronacrisis and the fact is the long-term trends that our strategy is based on remain unchanged. For example, there is still an urgent need to make our society more sustainable."

The Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition brings together companies that aim to grow sustainably by combining financial profit with social development initiatives. Dick van Hal added: "That goal is completely in line with Bouwinvest’s own objectives. By investing in sustainable real estate, we will reach our target of an energy-neutral real estate portfolio by 2045, thus ensuring that our investments remain attractive in the long term.”

Read the complete statement here.