16 March 2020

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The COVID-19 virus is spreading quickly within the Netherlands and the health of our staff and our business contacts is paramount. Bouwinvest has, therefore, implemented a number of measures to try to contain the virus, some of which are having an effect on the way we work. We have decided to close our office and from March 17 all our staff will work from home, with the exception of a small team who have to be at the office for operational reasons. Everyone is available online or by phone. Hopefully, the current measures will be sufficient to enable us to work at the office again from April 6. The measures we have implemented follow those outlined by the Dutch public health institute RIVM as much as possible.

Four weeks ago Bouwinvest set up a multi-disciplinary group, the Corona Prevention Team, made up of the CEO, CIO International Investments, Head of Corporate Communications, Insurance risk manager and HR manager. The measures that the team is initiating and monitoring are aimed at preventing the further spread of COVID-19. As far as we are aware, no Bouwinvest members of staff have as yet been infected with the virus.

Measures which may impact the way we work together:

  • Our office is closed except for members of staff who have to work there for operational reasons
  • Members of staff who showed possible corona symptoms (coughing, a cold) have been required to stay home since earlier this month
  • International trips have been cancelled or postponed
  • We are not taking part in any events up to the end of June
  • All Bouwinvest events have been cancelled or postponed up to the end of June

Measures to ensure continued day to day operations

As an organisation, we are prepared for a major outbreak. Our business continuity plan is currently into effect. To make sure we are properly prepared, we have analysed the key processes and players within the organisation. The way things look at the moment, we can guarantee our operational continuity for a longer period.