04 June 2019

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Bouwinvest’s Residential and Healthcare Funds have agreed to acquire three projects consisting of 177 homes in Rijswijk (The Hague), Hoofddorp (Amsterdam) and Zwolle, together with 87 residential-healthcare units in Rijswijk Buiten, under contracts signed at the PROVADA Dutch real estate trade fair with developer Dura Vermeer.

Michiel de Bruine, Bouwinvest Director of Dutch Residentials Investments, said: “These new acquisitions represent an expansion of our holdings in areas where Bouwinvest has invested before, because they are in neighbourhoods experiencing strong ongoing demand for the type of mid-market rental sector units we target.”

Rijswijk Buiten

The Residential Fund has acquired 40 free-market rental apartments in the ‘Buitenpoort Parkwachter’ project in Rijswijk Buiten in The Hague, where the fund had previously purchased 43 single-family houses. The Bouwinvest Healthcare Fund has also invested in 87 residential-healthcare assets in the district. A total of 3,500 sustainable new residential units are being constructed for diverse target groups including families, starters and seniors in Rijswijk Buiten.


In Hoofdorp, close to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, the Bouwinvest Residential Fund has acquired 62 single-family homes in the new-build district of Tudorpark. Bouwinvest expects high spillover demand for rental units in Hoofddorp due to its proximity to the booming and expensive Amsterdam market. The homes will be built in the traditional English Tudor-style amid green surroundings.

In 2017, the fund invested in 98 single-family and 36 multi-family homes in the same district.


The Bouwinvest Residential Fund has invested in 75 energy-neutral single-family residences in the Breezicht area of Zwolle, increasing the fund’s residential assets in the city to 600.

Bouwinvest has also sold developments rights in the Stadshagen Zwolle district to Dura Vermeer.

Peter Krop, Division Director, Dura Vermeer Divisie Bouw and Vastgoed BV, said: “Bouwinvest’s commitment to purchase rental units at an early stage in our projects is crucial. We’ve worked together for years now, which facilitates efficient acquisitions and low transaction costs. With demand for rental units steadily rising in the current market, Bouwinvest is an important partner for Dura Vermeer.”

Foto: Joni Israeli