24 April 2019

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Bouwinvest Residential Fund has acquired a small-scale apartment building from VOF Guido van Deth, a partnership between area developer BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development) and Stevast Baas & Groen B.V. The complex comprises 30 gas-free and energy-neutral new-build apartments in The Hague. The majority of the apartments are mid-range rental units.

The six-storey building with a total of 30 apartments is located on a canal on the Guido van Dethstraat on the edge of the Wateringse Veld district. The apartment complex is located in the vicinity of neighborhood facilities and is easily accessible by car and public transport.

The building will be equipped with a sustainable energy system, in this case a heat-cold storage installation. Each apartment will have its own heat pump and boiler which are connected to a collective underground source. The apartments will also be equipped with their own solar panels which will make them energy neutral (with an energy performance certificate level of a maximum of 0.0). This means that the energy required to keep the apartments at a comfortable temperature - the so-called building-related usage level - is zero.

These sustainable and affordable apartments are a welcome addition to Bouwinvest’s housing portfolio. The apartment building fits perfectly with the goals of the Bouwinvest Residential Fund to have invested at least 75 percent of total invested capital in above-average sustainable property by 2021. More information about our objectives and strategy can be found in Bouwinvest’s Responsible Investment Policy.

BPD Development B.V. and Stevast Baas & Groen B.V. are responsible for the development of the project. Vastbouw Oost B.V. is responsible for the construction. The apartments are scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2020.