30 March 2018

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The Bouwinvest Dutch Retail Fund has concluded new long-term lease agreements in the town centres of Delft and Ede for a total area of nearly 5,500 m2. In Delft, a rental contract has been signed with the foundation, Stichting DOK (Public Library Delft), for approximately 5,000 m2 and in Ede with the catering formulas Le Perron and Kaldi for approximately 300 m2.


The public library is located at Vesteplein and Vestpoort in the centre of Delft and substantial investment will be made in the refurbishment of the building to facilitate the proposed collaboration between the DOK Foundation and the Coöperatie de VAK (Centre for the Arts Delft). This will include improvements in its sustainability profile, while the entrance will be moved to the Vestpoort retail thoroughfare side to make the building more accessible to shoppers. 

Collin Boelhouwer, Director of Dutch Retail Investments at Bouwinvest said: "Bouwinvest attaches great importance to the sustainability of the Retail Fund portfolio. We use the BREEAM certification system to quantify the sustainability of its real estate assets. We will work together with the DOK Foundation to obtain a BREEAM certificate for the Delft public library building, which will take us one step further in achieving the sustainability of the entire portfolio of the Retail Fund."


Catering formulas Le Perron and Kaldi have signed agreements for premises at Achterdoelen 104 and Boogstraat 14. The Bouwinvest Retail Fund has almost 10,000 m2 of retail space in Ede in its portfolio.