26 November 2018

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The Bouwinvest Office Fund and technical service provider ENGIE have signed an Energy Performance Contract for the WTC in The Hague, which aims to cut future energy consumption in the building in line with the UN Paris climate change accord goals.

The WTC office towers A, B, C and E, which cover a total of 10,000 sqm, already have a class A label for energy consumption. The towers are equipped with a warm-cold storage installation, using sustainable ground heat pumps. But Bouwinvest and ENGIE still have a long way to go to make the WTC ‘Paris Proof’, including the optimisation of the existing systems and installation of solar panels. 

Rooftop garden WTC The Hague

Bouwinvest participates in Deltaplan Sustainable Renovation, a sustainability programme led by the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC), that aims to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide to zero by 2040 -- ten years ahead of the Dutch government’s target date. The programme encompasses retail properties, offices, logistics centres and social property (e.g. schools and healthcare). Bouwinvest has incorporated this agenda into its own sustainable strategy and by 2020 some 70% of the investment manager’s total portfolio will be invested in sustainable real estate. 

Bouwinvest collaborates with developers, constructors, municipalities and tenants to continuously improve the sustainability of its investments and endeavours to optimise both financial and social returns for its investors. Three of Bouwinvest’s Dutch real estate funds have achieved the highest possible GRESB Green Star sustainability ranking and are amongst the best performing international funds in the field of socially responsible investing.