27 July 2020

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Welcome to our newsletter where Bouwinvest shares news on the latest developments in the metropolitan regions we invest in and our efforts to make them more liveable. We cover healthcare real estate, affordable housing, the transition to alternative energy sources and energy-neutral property portfolios, circularity and adaptation to climate change, among other topics that impact on our investment portfolio.

The first edition of the Bouwinvest newsletter provides an update on our new mission statement - Real Value for Lifewhich encapsulates Bouwinvest’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of its portfolio to make it ‘Paris Proof,’ to comply with the global climate change accords. The newsletter also looks at shared forms of transport and housing for the elderly.

Click here to read newsletter #1 - July 2020.

If you would like to receive the newsletter in your mailbox, please send an email to communicatie@bouwinvest.nl