12 September 2019

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In our newest outlook, we set out the trends and developments impacting the Dutch real estate market in the period through to 2022. This report shows that the outlook for the Dutch real estate market as a whole is positive. The Dutch economic and demographic fundamentals are strong, especially in urban areas. The Netherlands is set to outperform Europe on a number of fronts, such as economic growth, unemployment and investment volumes. The Netherlands will therefore remain attractive for institutional investors looking to invest in real estate. 

Before we make an investment, we carry out extensive research because we believe stable returns require well-considered decisions. Bouwinvest has its own professional research department with a great deal of expertise and know-how in the Dutch and international real estate markets. Our specialists closely monitor local and global trends in the pension and real estate sectors, carry out their own far-reaching research, and conduct extensive data analyses at both macro and micro levels. In this report we share the results of these analyses on the Dutch market.