29 June 2023

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Over the next 75 years, over two billion extra homes need to be built across the world. This is putting pressure on the housing sector: the challenge of tackling both the housing and climate crisis is a lot to take on. This is why the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) has published a report to draw attention to the current problems, including recommendations on how to tackle them on a global scale.

Diepeveen Rotterdam

The Sustainable and Affordable Housing report highlights several housing projects from around the world, including the Diepeveen project in Rotterdam. This involves the building of sustainable and affordable housing, purchased by the Bouwinvest Residential Fund in 2021. The municipality of Rotterdam has a relatively high housing shortage and there is little supply for middle-income households. The Diepeveen project will add a total of 187 owner-occupied and rental homes to the Rotterdam housing market, spread over five buildings. The Bouwinvest Residential Fund is investing in the mid-rental and liberalised sector rental apartments, which are between 60 and 82 m² in size.

What is possible

The housing sector plays a crucial role in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2050. But by 2030, an estimated three billion people (or 40% of the world’s population) will need suitable housing: new or renovated. The effects of climate change are also becoming increasingly visible.

The WorldGBC report shows that it is not always difficult to achieve sustainable housing: knowledge, innovation and technology are constantly creating new opportunities to build homes that are both affordable and sustainable.

Read the report

For more information on the report: click here. Read the report online: click here. At the top of the screen you will find a button to download a PDF version. You will find Bouwinvest’s press release here.