12 April 2023

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Bouwinvest has a Responsible Investment Policy in place since 2011. This arises from our strategy, in which ESG is embedded. Due to further integration of ESG in decision-making processes at various levels of the organisation, we have updated our policy to a Responsible Investment & Corporate Responsibility Policy that does justice to the dual nature of ESG within our organisation.  

The policy applies to the management organisation and all Bouwinvest entities and activities. In this new policy we describe how Bouwinvest applies Corporate Responsibility in its organisational activities and how we invest responsibly in our funds and mandates (Responsible Investment).  

The Responsible Investment & Corporate Responsibility Policy is supported by several other documents, including the Exclusion Policy and the Stewardship & Engagement Policy. These documents are freely available for reference and download on our website. 

Creating sustainable change 

The policy stems from Bouwinvest's commitment to consider ethical, social, environmental and governance issues in all decision making, in part to proactively create sustainable and positive change in the world and to strive for a long-term, value-based portfolio. This policy ensures that Bouwinvest operates in a responsible and sustainable manner, both within its own organisation and towards and with its stakeholders. 

Read the policy 

The Responsible Investment & Corporate Responsibility Policy can be downloaded from our website. Click here to open the policy.