03 February 2022

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Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors raised €836 million in capital in 2021 and welcomed 10 new clients, including pension fund Notariaat and Centramed. The new clients invested €356 million into Bouwinvest’s Dutch Residential Fund and €20 million into its Dutch Office Fund. The Dutch construction sector pension fund bpfBOUW allocated more than €460 million to Bouwinvest’s Healthcare Fund. In addition, bpfBOUW invested €1 billion across the Europe Mandate, North America Mandate, and Asia-Pacific Mandate.

Bouwinvest now invests in real estate on behalf of 36 pension funds, insurers and charities, Mark Siezen, Chief Client Officer at Bouwinvest, said: “Institutional investors are increasingly attracted to Bouwinvest's funds and how we implement our purpose, real value for life. Our asset management provides sustainable, liveable, and accessible urban environments alongside stable financial returns. I am particularly pleased that – in addition to pension funds – we are also attracting an increasing number of insurance companies and charitable organisations.”

Bouwinvest sees significant interest among institutional investors to invest in Dutch rental accommodation and housing for the elderly, which is badly needed given that the Netherlands faces a structural housing shortage. By investing in the mid-market rental sector and senior housing, institutional investors directly contribute to addressing this social issue whilst also being able to count on stable financial income.

Bouwinvest’s Dutch Residential Fund, Dutch Office Fund and Dutch Retail Fund are all open to institutional investors. Its Healthcare and Hotel Funds and the international mandates are managed exclusively on behalf of bpfBOUW.