01 November 2018

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Tracking and applying new technology such as Blockchain is crucial for Bouwinvest and may come to directly affect our real estate investment strategies over the long-term, CEO Dick van Hal told the Blockchain Conference 2018 on November 1st. 

"We expect Blockchain to make the real estate sector in the Netherlands and internationally more transparent, which will further increase investment opportunities worldwide," he said. 

Dick van Hal was sharing a platform with Koen Bonenkamp of Bloqhouse and Jo Bongers of Fibree.

He said one effect of blockchain could be that due diligence on buildings could be carried out more easily and cheaply, as documentation and data on an asset’s transactional history is preserved on the blockchain. This makes the risk assessment for buildings more transparent, easier to evaluate, and deepens the understanding of the mechanisms of real estate markets and makes them more accessible to a wider group of participants.