12 November 2019

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“I look at fundamentals in supply and demand and they seem healthy. It depends on what segment, and in which market, but overall it doesn’t look all too bad,” Gijs Plantinga, Director North American Investments, told PERE. Gijs is one of six participants at PERE’s annual US roundtable. Together with representatives of Nuveen Real Estate, Kennedy Wilson, Crow Holdings Capital, CA Ventures and MIRA Real Estate, Gijs shared a view on the future of the North American real estate market.

In the article, Gijs says that Bouwinvest plans to open a New York office for a more hands-on approach to US investments and to be closer to an important market. Zooming in on Bouwinvest’s investment strategy, Gijs stressed that Bouwinvest is staying away from the oversaturated luxury housing market. Instead, Bouwinvest is prioritizing workforce housing. “That’s where the fundamentals and long-term challenge sits. Not just in the US, but also in European cities.”