10 January 2019

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Bouwinvest has become one of the first property industry organisations to join FIBREE, the foundation that connects real estate professionals and blockchain experts in exploring the application of the dispersed public ledger technology to the business of bricks and mortar.

Rabobank, Stekademy and DLA Piper in the Netherlands are also participating in the Foundation for International Block Chain and Real Estate Expertise (FIBREE). Blockchain stores digital information on transactions, and contractual parties to those deals, in a secure way across often thousands of computers in dispersed networks around the world.


Micha Reusen, Head of CSR & Innovation at Bouwinvest, said: "Bouwinvest is participating in this initiative to share knowledge and explore new blockchain applications. We expect blockchain technology to be able to make real estate processes more efficient over the long term and to increase the transparency of international markets, improving our ability to provide Bouwinvest’s institutional clients with stable investment returns."

Bart Jan Holleman, Senior Sector Developer Rabobank, said: "Rabobank has been experimenting with blockchain technology in various areas for some time, including real estate. We understand the importance of sharing our insights and experiences with the market and believe FIBREE can positively contribute to a better understanding of this technology."


Cor Snoeijs, board member at Stekademy, said: "We are closely looking at the application of blockchain to public housing and Stekademy is facilitating various initiatives with the technology for several housing corporations in line with the Aedes Innovation Agenda. By joining FIBREE we expect to be able to learn a lot from experiences elsewhere, particularly outside the sector." 








By following and sharing the latest developments in its community, FIBREE wants to place the expectations and possibilities for Blockchain on a realistic basis. Real estate and blockchain professionals that wish to participate in the FIBREE network can register on the website www.fibree.org. FIBREE’s sponsors make it possible to provide a low participation threshold for innovators in Blockchain technology.