15 May 2017

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Bouwinvest CEO Dick van Hal has been appointed chairman of the Association of Institutional Property Investors in the Netherlands (IVBN). He was previously vice-chairman of the association.

The IVBN is the organisation representing Dutch institutional real estate investment managers and institutional investors with direct or indirect property portfolios of over €100 million. IVBN members hold around €50 billion in real estate investments in the Netherlands and a similar volume in international markets. Together they are the primary lessor of commercial property in the Netherlands and also rent out about 135,000 residential dwellings.

The mission of the association is to promote the investment climate for real estate in the domestic market. IVBN stimulates the proper functioning of the Dutch real estate market, is the interlocutor for local regional and national supervising authorities and promotes the social significance of investing in real estate.

Dick van Hal was appointed to the Board of Directors of Bouwinvest in 2008. Prior to that he held several senior positions at Syntrus Achmea Vastgoed, including CEO. Dick started his career with Centraal Beheer Beleggingen and Staal Bankiers. He studied investment management (VBA) at the University of Amsterdam.