16 November 2017

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Bouwinvest has expanded and refurbished the Molenhoek Shopping Centre in Rosmalen, a town in the Southern Netherlands close to ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The asset, part of the Bouwinvest Retail Fund and previously known as Molenhoekpassage, was renamed and expanded from 5,600 sqm to 6,000 sqm, and reopened under its new name in early November.

The shopping centre has been modified to cater to the needs of the modern consumer and its sustainability profile improved, through measures such as better insulation. The 400 sqm expansion offers the existing retailers the opportunity to extend and modernise their premises. Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn in particular has significantly enlarged its presence in Molenhoek. Parking facilities have also been expanded and redesigned. The stores in the shopping centre were largely able to remain open for the duration of the renovation works, which lasted a year and a half.

At the reopening, the new name was unveiled above the main entrance by Eric Logister, (alderman for education, urban transformation, land policy and housing in the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch), Collin Boelhouwer (Director Dutch Retail Investments at Bouwinvest) and Rolf van der Stolpe (Representative of the Retailers Association).

Construction company Pennings from s’-Hertogenbosch was the contractor for the project. Centrum Projecten from Hilversum managed the refurbishment on behalf of Bouwinvest. AGS Architecs International from Heerlen were responsible for the expansion and renovation design.