08 September 2017

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The Bouwinvest Healthcare Fund has acquired the residential care complex Ambachtsmark from Borghese Real Estate. The complex is centrally located in Almere Haven, about 20km East of Amsterdam. The building has been leased for the long term to care institution Triade Flevoland, providing care for resident patients with a disability.

The asset consists of 39 independent apartments spread over 4 living floors. The ground floor consists of common areas intended for daily activities. An average of 20 people with a mental disability work there producing craft products. 

Erwin Drenth, Director Dutch Healthcare Investments at Bouwinvest said: “This project fits perfectly within the acquisition policy of the Healthcare Fund, which focusses amongst others on investments in housing facilities with in-house disability care."

Enno Otten, Managing Director at Borghese said: “This is an exceptional care home investment which optimally combines independent housing with in-house care. This sale strengthens our long-term relationship with Bouwinvest which we developed throughout the various projects on which we have jointly worked.”

Borghese Real Estate was advised for this sale by Capital Value.