08 November 2017

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Jeroen Beimer (1975) and Joep Arts (1988) have joined the Research & Strategic Advisory team at Bouwinvest. Beimer and Arts bring in extensive expertise in real estate. This strengthens Bouwinvest’s research analysis and strategic advice capabilities, to improve its global investment decisions.

Jeroen Beimer fulfils the role of Senior Real Estate Investment Strategist. He advises the company on market expectations,  portfolio composition and investment policy. Beimer acquired extensive experience in these fields at Rabo Real Estate Finance, FGH Bank and Bouwfonds Investment Management.

Joep Arts joins Bouwinvest as Medior Market Analyst. Previously, Arts worked as advisor at Stec Group. In that capacity, he worked closely with institutional investors, housing corporations and government bodies. At Bouwinvest, he will focus on the Dutch housing market and on international investments.

Over the next three years, Bouwinvest expects to grow its total assets under management to over € 11 billion. The Research & Strategic Advisory team plays a crucial role in Bouwinvest’s investment process, analysing Dutch and international investment opportunities, advising business units and delivering new insights and market views.