21 December 2017

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Housing corporation Portaal, real estate investment manager Bouwinvest and developer Klokgroep have signed an agreement for the further development of the Nieuw Nachtegaalplein in Nijmegen, a town located 100 km to the Southeast of Amsterdam. Of the social housing properties, 57 will be owned by Portaal and the remaining 38 will be owned by Bouwinvest and destined for the liberalised rental market.

The Nieuw Nachtegaalplein is part of the broader redevelopment of the Wolfskuil district in Nijmegen. The housing supply, which consisted purely of social rental housing, is now changing into a healthy mix of 210 homes of which 108 are social rental homes, 80 liberalised rental sector homes and 22 owner-occupied homes. This latest agreement marks the start of the latest redevelopment phase of the project.

Collaboration between Portaal and Bouwinvest

In 2015 Portaal and Bouwinvest had also worked together with the KlokGroep on the development of the first part of the Nieuw Nachtegaalplein. With the new agreement, Portaal and Bouwinvest continue to build on their existing relationship. "Bouwinvest is convinced that mixed-use areas that combine various amenities with residential facilities will remain vital in the long term. I am therefore very proud of the collaboration with Portaal, which has enabled us to realise this project in Nijmegen for a diverse group of residents”, says Michiel de Bruine, Director of Dutch Residential Investments at Bouwinvest.