01 September 2014

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‘We are very pleased to welcome Kees Beuving and Roel Wijmenga as they bring a wide breadth of managerial and financial market experience to the Supervisory Board of Bouwinvest” said Jacques van Ek, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Bouwinvest.

Mr. Beuving, who joined on August 22nd, has a long history in the banking industry. Until 2012, he was Chairman of the Board of Directors at Friesland Bank and, before that, held a number of functions within the Board of Directors of Fortis Bank — including Chairman from 2002 to 2006.

Mr. Wijmenga will join the board from October 1st. He has a background in the insurance industry and held a number of financial managerial functions at, among others, AMEV, Interpolis and Eureko/Achmea. His latest role was as CFO at insurer ASR Verzekeringen.

With the addition of Mr. Beuving and Mr. Wijmenga the Supervisory Board at Bouwinvest now consists of:

Mr. J.C. van Ek, chairman
Ms.. M. Sint, vice-chairman
Mr. J.H.W.R. van der Vlist
Mr. C.J. Beuving
Mr. R.Th.Wijmenga