29 September 2014

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Bouwinvest together with the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague would like to invite you to the discussion panel: “Dutch residential moves into the investor spotlight, but where is supply going to come from? ”

Panellists are: Dutch Housing Minister Stef Blok, Bouwinvest CEO Dick van Hal, Strategy & Research Director Syntrus Achmea Boris van der Gijp, City Counsellors Boudewijn Revis en Ronald Schneider.

Date: Tuesday, October 7th

Time: 10:00 – 11:00

Location: Dutch Investment Opportunities Stand, Hall A2 Stand 324, EXPO REAL, Munich

Dutch public and private parties have joined forces to promote The Netherlands as a real estate investment destination at EXPO REAL so please pay us a visit at the Dutch Investment Opportunities Stand if you wish to hear more about this initiative. For more information contact: Nicolette Klein Bog +31 6 291 1353 

The Metropolitan Area of Amsterdam

The Metropolitan Area of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague is one of Europe’s most stable and successful regions. It now offers a broad range of real estate opportunities.

New investment opportunities attract investors from all continents: from small-scale developments to grand new projects. Situated in a superb mix of historic cities, bustling waterfronts, scenic landscapes and thriving commercial districts.

Our metropolitan area is a leading innovative area with a great entrepreneurial heritage, built on ever expanding trade and creativity. With a healthy economic diversity, a growing and highly educated population, a vigorous knowledge infrastructure, prime accessibility and a transparent, profitable real estate market.

The region’s unique qualities are recognized and appreciated all over the world. Our compact cities and towns are built on a human scale. They are walk-able, bike-able and wide open to people meeting each other in public spaces, art centers and pubs.