Cared living, Almere, The Netherlands

A residential care complex with 39 separate apartments, rented out via Triade.

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Assisted living, Heiloo

A residential care complex with 29 sheltered apartments and space for support services.

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De Gijsbrecht and Zonnehuis

Assisted living and intramural care, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

A combination of high-level nursing care and sheltered accommodation on the Theresiastraat in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.

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De Proosdij en Zonnehuis Majella

Assisted living and nursing care, Mijdrecht

A complex offering accommodation to clients requiring constant nursing care, and rental sheltered apartments.

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Cared living, Haarlem

A residential project with 28 units and community spaces.

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Assisted living and nursing care, Amsterdam

A residential complex offering rent and non-rent controlled accommodation, and owner-occupier homes, for people with various levels of dementia.

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Martha Flora

Assisted living, Haarlem

This complex offers private care for dementia patients in line with the Martha Flora concept, which involves creating a dementia-friendly society.

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Nieuw Mariënpark

Nursing care, Leidschendam

A nursing home with 74 units and community areas, developed for the Florence Foundation.

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Assisted living, Zeist

This complex offers an innovative approach to looking after residents requiring different levels of care.

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Van 't Hofflaan

Assisted living, Amsterdam

A residential complex for people requiring psycho-geriatric care.

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Ritzema Bos

Intramural care, Amsterdam

A nursing home with 80 units and several community spaces, developed for the Amsta Foundation.

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Assisted Living, Den Bosch

Bouwinvest leases 39 residential care apartments in a listed building on the Nieuwstraat in Den Bosch to care organisation Domus Magnus.

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Assisted living and intramural care, Kortenhoef

A modern residential care complex with 130 apartments which are rented to individuals who use the services of home nursing organisation Inovum. People requiring more intensive care services live in a separate wing.

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