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Successful metropolitan regions are not defined by their size but by the balance between growth and liveability. This is why we create real value for life.

Global focus

Bouwinvest focuses on metropolitan regions worldwide. And because we invest on a global scale, we know that the most successful metropolitan regions in terms of urbanisation, demographic change and technological advances will offer the best investment opportunities in the years ahead. These areas attract talent and economic activities and grow more strongly than the country as a whole. Successful city regions take advantage of the challenges which continual urbanisation presents. Bouwinvest research has shown that while size is important, liveability is even more so.

Urbanisation has increased demand for healthy, liveable and inclusive cities

and we take this into account in our investment decisions.

Jeroen Beimer 1 Jeroen Beimer Head of Research & Strategic Advisory

Liveability is essential

Research by the Urban Land Institute has shown that densification in cities goes hand in hand with higher returns and growth in value. These cities are powerful, prosperous and future-proof. The right density leads to less unemployment, economic inequality and climate problems. Cities with the right level of density attract more companies, people and capital, and this is why these cities offer the most likelihood of long-term stable returns.

Urbanisation offers opportunities across all real estate classes. For example, the ageing population has led to demand for high quality housing combined with care facilities. The strong growth in the middle class has boosted the hotel sector and developments in e-commerce are presenting particular challenges to the retail sector. And when it comes to the office market, the demand for flexible working space continues to grow.

Best practice

A good example of such a metropole is the Holland Metropole. This region is one of the 10 most successful metropolitan regions in the world and stands out from the crowd in terms of its infrastructure, innovation and liveability. The five cities which make up the Holland Metropole -  Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Eindhoven – all have their own distinctive characteristics and are surrounded by green residential areas. In the Netherlands, Bouwinvest invests primarily in this region.


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