Our committed and future-oriented team focuses on creating real value for life. Together with our partners, we are helping to give shape to the city of the future. Our approach to real estate investment management contributes towards sustainable, liveable and accessible urban environments, and improves pension benefits. In doing so, we are creating both societal and financial returns.

We work in partnerships

Bouwinvest is an international real estate investment company that aims to add value in a sustainable way. We believe in the creation of value in both financial and societal terms. Together with our partners, we develop solutions that contribute to the well-being of all our stakeholders in the long term. We make a difference by being a socially-responsible organisation. We are a stable, transparent and trustworthy partner and a fair employer. We invest in sustainable real estate in accessible, future-focused and liveable cities.

We cannot work toward real value for life alone. Together with our partners we create value by taking an active role across social themes. We focus on creating liveable metropolitan areas, affordability, healthcare real estate, developing climate-neutral portfolios, on the circular economy and on climate adaptation. We are continuously in dialogue with our stakeholders to work towards real value for life, now and into the future.

To ensure our long-term success, we must invest in what society needs. This is how we create a stable return for our shareholders

Mark Siezen Vk Mark Siezen Chief Executive Officer (statutory)