Marleen Bosma

Marleen Bosma

Head of Global Research & Strategic Advisory


Research is the cornerstone of Bouwinvest’s investment process, providing independent and objective analysis that shapes our strategic or tactical investment decisions.

The research team evaluates opportunities for the Investment Committee, advises our business units and generates new insights and views on markets. 

Our six specialists have extensive market knowledge of the Dutch and global real estate markets and each has a particular area of expertise. The team takes a thorough top-down and bottom-up approach to identify the best strategies to achieve our preferred goal of investing in real estate assets that generate stable, long-term returns. 

Bouwinvest’s powerful proprietary Global Market Monitor tool incorporates the best data and other information to provide insights on the fundamentals of a market and where it sits in the real estate cycle, while allowing the Research team to drill down to assess or monitor an individual asset. Our analysts take a holistic approach that encompasses all factors affecting real estate when they formulate our global house view. 

The ability of the Research team to assess local asset-specific factors as well as over-arching market themes gives Bouwinvest a unique forward-looking focus on finding the best-performing assets for our investors.





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